I watched a house for my mom’s friend while she went to Florida with her daughter back in July and naturally I looked all through her shit just cause I could lol. I was honestly kinda looking for her sex toys and Damn she didn’t disappoint.

There were like 4 dildos of varying sizes, some clit stimulators, anal beads, lube, and the reason I’m taking about this: a fucking massive cock shaped vibrator. It was at LEAST 10 inches from the tip to the’ balls’ and THICK. It vibrated from a very low pulse to full on rocking your insides.

I know because I fucked the shit out of myself with it every night for 2 weeks straight while I was there. I truly wish I could have taken it. It seriously made me cum so hard I went cross eyed and I blew a load all over myself and her bed. That thing gave me the most mind shattering orgasms I’ve ever had from anal simulation while I jerked off. It was better than any cock I’ve had and that’s saying something because I’ve had some good dick hahaha. It had a suction cup on the base too so I was able to ride it, take it doggy, essentially anything I wanted while still having a free hand while jerking off. I kind of hope she knows i used it. I want her to know that she paid me to fuck myself and and have world rocking, eye crossing orgasms over and over every nightfor two weeks straight. I really, really miss it.

I want it in my ass on full power now.